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I have no friend...

§ Lệ Vũ

Dear Lệ Vũ,

I am very bored and sad because I have no good and trusted friends anywhere. When I go to school I had some friends but they are in a lower class (they are bored, quiet and not cool) and other students don’t like them. Friends in higher class are funny, athletic, cool and get girls. I really want to hang around with the cooler, higher class friends, but they seem not wanting to hang around with me. I tried everything I could but it was just the same. Today I have a project that I can work with partners but I can’t find anyone I can work with. Everywhere I go it’s the same thing even in the church and TNTT (Thiếu Nhi.) I just can’t seem to make good friends. I am so embarrassed. I am in 8th grade and next year I am going to 9th. I am afraid that once I am in High School it would be the same, and than in College I would be very lonely. I have been like this since Elementary School. But I noticed it in 6th grade. I never spoke to my parents about this yet. When I was trying to hang around the cooler kids, the others left me alone. Lệ Vũ please help me. Tell me what I am missing. I am very friendly, not greedy, wearing cool clothes, looking good too. I may not be hilarious enough, or not confident in myself, or too scared to face people; or am I not suitable or not okay? Please, Lệ Vũ, help me to have a better life. Thank you and may God bless you.

Lonely Boy, VL

Đáp: Dear “Lonely boy” who looking for friends in high class,

I am afraid that lonely boy will never find any trusted, good friend in your life if you continue to have that kind of thoughts and attitudes! To me, making friends is very much like any other thing we do in life: you get what you give out. The best and easiest way to have good friend is be a good friend. If lonely boy want to have good friend; then you should be a good friend to other first. They will come to you.

Honestly I don’t think “lonely boy’ is really looking for a good , trusted friend as you said. But you are just looking for being accepted with friends in higher class who can be popular like them.. You are looking for someone you can hang around with so that they can make you look cool , funny, ect…In short, you try to use them to get you want. They knew that you want; therefore they refuse to accept you.

Ask yourself a question: How would you feel if someone want to be your friend, not for who you are but for what you have. I am sure that “lonely boy” don’t want to have that kind of friend.

“Friends in higher class are funny, cool, athletic and can get girls” the ones you think not always good, trusted friends. In fact, most of them are opposite what you think! They often are snobbish, arrogant and lack of respect to others. They pay too much attention to the outside (appearance) than the inside (the truth self)

Dear “lonely boy”, if you really want to look for true, good, trusted friends, please reach out to those who need you, who want to be your friends, not for what you have, but for who you are. Yes, they maybe bored, quiet, not cool and in lower class, but they are sincered, good, trusted and really want to be your friends. They are the ones who will stick to you forever. Don’t focus too much on their appearances, but take time to discover to look inside of them to know who they really are. You will be surprise to find out who your friends really are.

Last but not least, There are no “lower class” or “higher class” in “good, trusted friends”. They belong to one and only class: the good class of people.

May God bless you and hope you will find “a good, trusted friend” soon. Dearest.

Lệ Vũ

Đọc nhiều nhất Bản in 01.12.2007. 17:54