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Tell me Why?

§ Lệ Vũ

Dear Lệ Vũ,

My name is Taly, 16 years old, và thích một người tên là Tommy, 17 years old. We are going gần được 5 tháng rồi. Nhưng cách đây 1 tháng. Tommy không còn gọi phone cho em nữa. Sau đó, có một lần he asked me to go out with him. While we were on our way to the park. Tommy helped my hands and asked me to promise him not to call him on the phone again bởi vì ba má Tommy rất là khó. So, I've been missing him a lot.

Then, one day Taly tried to call his house and he picked up the phone. But he did not say a word. Taly hỏi him là bây giờ mình nên chia tay hay sao. Nhưng he cũng không nói một lời. Taly miss him so much nhưng có lẽ Tommy có điều gì không dám nói ra. Taly buồn lắm và không hiểu Tommy còn thích Taly nữa hay không? Lệ Vũ ơi! he có còn loves me nữa hay không? Thank Lệ Vũ a lot.

Đáp: Dear Taly,

Of course you're said because you loved him and he didn't love you back (at least the way you wanted it). But whatese can you do? Yes, He did have a feeling for you at just, but then He realzed that He is so young to have a long term relationship with anyone so He backed off ! Well, respecting His wish, and moving on with your life. I am sure with time and prayer, you will get over Him soon. I don't want to be rude but I do agree with Tommy and His parents's requests... You are both too young to have a serious relationing. Just wait few more years. Even after college, it is not too late either. God bless. Thân mến.

Lệ Vũ

Đọc nhiều nhất Bản in 19.03.2006. 05:51