Trích từ Dân Chúa

The designed babies?

Lệ Vũ

How are you? My name is T.N. I am 20 years old. I would like to ask you about the designed babies.

It is possible now for couples to choose the sex of their babies. It can be done through aborting a fetus that is the unwanted sex and trying again, or it can be done in the test tube before the fertilized egg is implanted in the mother’ s womb.

a. What do you think of the idea of choosing the sex of the child?
b. Why people do it?
c. Do you think it is a good idea?

Thanks a lot for your help. God bless you always!


Đáp: Dear T.N,

a. I don’ t think it is a good idea for couples to choose the sex for their babies.

b. Poeple do it because they are selfish! They want to have control over of what they want and how they want it. They want to compete with God. Guess what’s happened when people try to compete with God? Sooner or later, we are going to destroy ourselves in the process. Just look of what happened to people in the Old Testament when they tried to build the Babel Tower. Look at what Hitler did 60 years ago to the Jews when he intended to get rid of them because he didn’t like Jesus, or look at what happened in Cambodia (less than 20 years ago) 2 millions Cambodians were tortured, killed because Mr. Pol Pot wanted to get rid of “every single member of a corrupted generation” and start “a new fresh, healthy, clean, smart generation” of Combodia!!

What do you think about one day when the majority of the nations in the world to kill every single Vietnamese because they don’t like the way we look?

How do you think about parents whom they love their child more or less depending on it’ a boy or a girl?

Dear T.N, I believe that you know the answers. Best wishes! May God bless you always. Thanks.

Lệ Vũ