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Stressing out or not???

Lệ Vũ

What’s up, Lệ Vũ? I got a problem, I hope you could help me. I’m a senior in high school this year. I saw a girl in my class cheating on the semester test. Nobody in the class saw her but me. I’m wondering if I should tell the teacher or not. I don’t know much about her and I’ve never talked to her before. She seems like a nice person to me. I guess she cheated because she didn’t study for the test. She looked really happy when the teacher announced that she had the highest grade in the class. The point is, the teacher will not believe me. He only has to take my words for it. So, should stop stressing out about this situation or should I take action? I you were in my shoes, what should you do… sweat about it or what? Thanks a million, Lệ Vũ? Best wishes to you.

Stress Out, Clintoland

Đáp: Dear Stress Out, Clintoland!

The best solution in this situation is Let her go this time. It’s too late to do anything now. But you can stop her cheating in the future by speaking directly to her (or maybe writing if you prefer) about what you saw her did on the last exam, and be nicely and kindly asking her to stop doing it. Otherwise, you will report to the teacher if the ignores your warning. Tell her exactly what you feel about cheating… It’s unfair not only to you but also to all other students in in class.I am sure of you just do what I have said this girl will stop her cheating, and be more caution before she commits this wrong action. She will realize that from now on someone is watching over her shoulder, and wouldn’t mind to report when she cheat anymore.Don’t forget to pray daily. Best wishes to you and your family. Dearest.

Lệ Vũ