Trích từ Dân Chúa

I’m so miserable!

Lệ Vũ

I really don’t know why I’m so miserable all the time. But I really would like to rid this age of sadness. Everyday I find myself in a lot of trouble, but I don’t want anybody to know. I’m so bored all the time, because I am always thinking of things off subject from what I really going on. Sometimes I think it would be better off if I was just gone from this world, if everything would just forget all shout me.

When I started to write this letter, I felt really awful inside. Most of the time I would keep my problems in side me, I guess because the way I think is different from everybody else around me. Half of the time I wonder if they ever listen to me or not. But when I start to explain my side to them, they just ignore me. I hope you can try to help me out with this problem of mine. I’m really confused now, not knowing what’s going on in my life. I felt like each day that goes by is just making life more trouble some. And no one would trust me, everybody would think that I was always lying to them or something. When I started to tell them it really hurts me not having any trust in friendship, they would just get madder. Sometimes they tell me that they really don’t want to be my friend. I’m not sure if they’re serious about it or not. I don’t know what’s really going on now, I hope you can help me solve my problem clearly. This is very truthfully help me understand what I need to do. Thank you and may God bless you.

Viet Nguyen

Đáp: Dear Viet Nguyen from no where

Thanks so much for your letter and sharing your feelings with me. Sorry that you are so miserable and feeling down all the times for no reasons. I believed that I know some reasons of such feelings..

You’re allowed yourself to be victims of such things. No one can be a victim of anyone or anything unless He she allow it happens. Well of course there are few exception, such as: natural disasters, physical illnesses, or things we have no control over it. Otherwise, we would be a fool to let it happens.

You have too much free time, and do nothing that’s why you are so bored, and finding yourself in a lot of troubles. A Vietnamese proverb says “Nhàn cư vi bất thiện”, rảnh rỗi nhiều không làm bậy thì cũng nghĩ bậy. Do you agree? I hope so.

Now, if you want to be happy and have a healthy, meaningful life, you should keep you busy with good activities. Such as reading good books, playing sports, watching good TV or movies, study or find some good hobbies, you may get involved in school or church: activities. Don’t just sit in one place, do nothing then complain about life, about others.

Anything and everything begin with you and from you. The best way to have people knowing you is to open yourself and knowing them first. The same way with listening, trusting, loving. If you want people listen you, then do the same listen to people. If you want people trust and love you, then try the best you can to trust and love them first. God and your parents give your life, but they don’t promise you a rose garden. If you want your life turn into a rose garden, you have to work at it. That’s a common law of life for everyone, not only for you.

Remember happiness is not a destination. There is not a way to happiness. Happiness is the way that we are traveling. People can be happy anywhere and everywhere if they want to. Two persons can look through a window of a prison at night, but have different visions.. one sees a galaxy, the other sees a swamp. I am sure that even at this time, million of young people (especially those in VN) would love to be like you, to have what you have, but they can not because they don’t have all opportunities like you, but (for some unknown reasons) couldn’t recognize His (Her) own luckiness and happiness? I think so!

Well, I hope that after reading my answer, you will have a new attitude about life and happiness. From now on, regardless to whatever happens to you, you will no longer complain,feeling blue, or sad. May God bless and don’t forget to pray daily. Thân mến.

Lệ Vũ